Pantyhose for the CrossDresser on a Budget

After years of trial and error, I finally found the brand of pantyhose that lasts more than one night! And they are sold discreetly on Amazon at a great price.

Pantyhose are the one item of women’s clothing that truely feels feminine to the wearer, be the man or women. Oddly enough but pantyhose are also the the second item of clothing that women just cant wait to take off after their bras. It has been an expensive frustrating road in my quest to finding the right pair of pantyhose that first off was made with the larger person in mind, but also was durable so I could wear them more than once and didnt cost an arm and a leg.

I just absolutely love to wear pantyhose and IMHO is the one article of womens clothing that makes me feel more like a women than any other, but if (on average) I am only going to be able to wear a pair once, than I just can’t get myself to put out $10 or more for a pair of pantyhose.

About 1 year ago I saw yet another brand of pantyhose that was in my price range so I thought I would try them but I really didnt have high hopes. Turns out I had finally found pantyhose that were durable and at a reasonable price.

I Highly Recommend You Try These Plus Size Pantyhose Sold Discreetly On Amazon Prime:

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The key points of these pantyhose are:

  • Reasonable price, about $5 a pair which includes FREE Amazon Prime 2 day shipping
  • Durable product that can withstand a little extra wear and tear that a man can inflict
  • Fit was as expected, sizing very consistant
  • Real 2 day free shipping through Amazon Prime (click here to get 1 free month of Amazon Prime)

The main reason a pair would only last me a day is because they were to small and I was to much in a hurry.

Heres some tips for putting on your pantyhose:

  • Make sure your legs are clean shaven
  • Apply lotion to your legs before you attempt to put your pantyhose on
  • File/Clip your finger nails… bad nail care is the #1 enemy of pantyhose
  • Roll them out then unroll them as you put them on
  • Hand wash your pantyhose on luke warm water with soap made for delicates

When putting on pantyhose, I have come to realize that runs in my pantyhose are a direct result of not following the above tips. Many times I have taken a pair of pantyhose out of a sealed package and ruined them in less than 1 minute.

Pantyhose are by far my most favorite item of womens clothing to wear next to full nylon slips. I know wearing pantyhose can cause a women feel feminine, and I can tell you from experience that the same goes for men. Mens clothing is generally made of materials that are rough while womens clothing are made mostly with materials that make a women feel feminine, sexy, and even sensual. Crossdressers like to feel the same way when they dress

Thigh highs with a garter belt are my favorite form of hosiery  with full pantyhose being the second. I feel extremely sensual, ever very sexual when wearing those items mainly because of the actual material its made from, and fortunately I can wear them out in public without anyone knowing I have them on as long as I wear long pants. I have been out in public hundreds, even maybe more than a thousand times, wearing thigh highs and pantyhose and never has anyone been able to tell. Pantyhose for men and pantyhose for crossdressers are slowly making it into everday life. Pantyhose are beginning to be accepted as an article of clothing that is acceptable for both men and women to wear.

Have you ever wondered about the history of pantyhose? Allen Gant Sr is credited for the invention of pantyhose back in 1959. But his invention would have been impossible without  a group of DuPont scientists who discovered a substitute to silk. Sales of the new pantyhose made from the newly discovered nylon was over 64 million pairs  its first year alone.