How To Apply Eyeliner & Eye Shadow for Beginners

Behold the Power of Eye Make-up:

Eye makeup can be extremely tricky and figuring out what style you want to wear can be a tough decision, much like choosing what type of coffee you want in the morning whether it is a dark roast expresso type of day or a sweet caramel latte type of day. With eye makeup, there’s a lot of decision that goes into the look you are aiming for. Look in and the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I want that fierce black cat wing or that exotic blue line of confidence going across my eyes? And of course, we cannot forget about the eye shadow. Do we want that fabulous glittery cut crease or a more natural based look for the day? Decisions, decisions…

For beginners, one would recommend starting out with lighter skin tone colored eye shadow palettes, closely matching your skin own color so to say. There is a huge range of different tones to choose from with every color, which I love most about makeup. With eyeliner, it is quite different, but the color spectrum is again, huge! An important factor with eye makeup, is brushes. You want to make sure you have a decent set of eye brushes to apply your look. I will go more into detail about what type of brushes you can use for different things in my step by step process, with a few pointers. Once you decide the colors and style you want, you always start with the eyeshadow. Remember, with eye makeup, there is no RIGHT way to apply it. There are many ways to apply it to yours; It really depends on your eye formation overall. We always want to start with the eye shadow and then proceed to the eyeliner.

Applying Eye Shadow

  • Step 1: Determine your eye shape. We all have different shapes eyes, ranging from a wide set, a closet set, deep set, etc. It might be a good idea to look these different sets up to get a good depiction.
  • Step 2: Choose two colors in your eyeshadow palette: A light, neutral color and a darker color that is the same, but a different type of shade.
  • Step 3: With your eye brush, run it through the light color first and apply it gently all over your lid.
  • Step 4: Next, run your brush over the darker color, and gently apply it to the crease of your lid. For a more blended look, tap the brush very lightly across the crease of your eye rather than dragging it across in a line.
  • Step 5: Look and the mirror and admire your first step at looking like the beauty queen you truly are!

With eyeshadow, we always want to have 2 colors: a light shade and a dark shade. This adds a little more definition to your eye makeup overall and gives a nice crisp look in the end. With this type of look, you want to make sure you invest in quality brushes. They last for years and make it much easier to apply and blend your shadows in, rather than using a flat tip “brush” that normally comes in with any drug store eyeshadow palette. Here are a few helpful tips for beginners with eye shadow:

  • Tip 1: If you are not yet comfortable with your brush, use your index finger to gently blend your crease color and overall light color
  • Tip 2: When applying the darker color, use the same brush as you used for the lighter color, that way, you still have some of the light to blend with the dark. This way, when you apply it, it won’t be too dramatically dark.
  • Tip 3: When you first start out, go with 2 colors that are BARELY different. You don’t want to start applying light and dark shades too much if you haven’t got down the blending part correctly.
  • Tip 4: Patience is key. With eye makeup, it is easy to get frustrated if you don’t like the way it looks. Have fun and let loose. It is barely the beginning my friends!

Now that you have finished your eyeshadow, we want to move on to the eyeliner. Remember, there is no RIGHT way to apply your eyeliner. This decision can be tough to make since there are many ways and looks to do! We will start with a how-to on bottom lid eyeliner.

Make sure to clean up any smudges that may have occurred while applying and walla! You have just done your bottom eyeliner. Easy, right!?
With bottom eyeliner, it is very easy to learn and even easier to apply then the rest of eye makeup process. You always want to make sure with the bottom lid liner, that you don’t over use the pencil. There is such thing as too much bottom liner and it can really throw off your entire look. You don’t want it to be as dramatic as your top liner.

Here are a few pointers when applying your bottom eyeliner

  • Pro Tip 1: If you are just beginning to learn, instead of drawing your line, first make small dots along your lower eye and then connect them. Like connect the dots! This was the most helpful for me when I was first started out.
  • Pro Tip 2: Hold the pencil very gently. If it doesn’t feel like a little tickle on your lower eye when applying, you might be pressing the pencil much too hard along your eye.
  • Pro Tip 3: Adding a little dot in the very inner corner of your eye will make your liner pop more.

Now that we finished the bottom liner, it is time for the top liner! With top eyeliner, you can use either a pencil or a liquid. For beginners, I would recommend using a pencil for your first few tries, though there are liquid eyeliner pens that are amazing to use, that are also easy use for beginners as well. With liquid eyeliner, it takes patience and steady hands.

Simple steps to applying Top Lid Liquid Eyeliner

  • Step 1: Get your eyeliner and apply small dots or dashes right above your top lash.
  • Step 2: Connect the dots.
  • Step 3: Smooth out the liner. Sometimes you will get a little uneven line, which is totally fine. Clean up is very easy for this. Just get a Q-Tip and fix the edges up to your liking.
  • Step 4: Draw your wing. The wing, you want to come to an arch. Start with the lower corner of your eye and make one line. Once that one is done, go to the top of your eye and finish the liner and bring the line to about mid-point with the end of your brow.
  • Step 5: Gently blend the eyeliner in if you missed any parts that show your skin color

With applying liquid eyeliner, it can be very tough. There are many ways and techniques with applying it. See some helpful tips below:
Tip 1: Use tap for your wing. Apply one piece of tap to the bottom and another at the top, to where only a small, triangle shape is between. You can mess up your eyeliner as much as you want and be as messy as you need to. Once you’ve finished applying, it you just remove the tape and there you will have a clean, cut line!
* Tip 2: Do not use waterproof eyeliner if it your first time applying. It can be extremely difficult to take off and to fix any smudges if you mess up. Save the waterproof eyeliner for when you feel comfortable enough.
* Tip 3: There is no right way to do your eyeliner wing. You can do a thick wing, a skinny wing, a half wing, etc. There are so many ways to do a wing of eyeliner. With beginners, I suggest a skinny wing. You want to get the hang of the wing effect before trying out dramatic looks!

* Now that we have the liquid eyeliner down, we want to move on to applying Mascara. Sweet and simple!

  • Step 1: Get your mascara and twist back and forth while you open it rather than pumping it straight up out of the tube.
  • Step 2: Look up to lift your eyelashes up, but you should be able to see yourself in the mirro.
  • Step 3: Place the wand against your lashes and wiggle it around and gently start applying back and forth, up and down.
  • Step 4: Don’t neglect the inner corner of your upper lashes. Make sure to gently get the inner corners. You might need Q-tip for clean up if this is your first time
  • Step 5: Apply a second coat on your upper lash to add more volume.
  • Step 6: Do the same gesture with your bottom lashes

Applying mascara can be a little tricky, so here are a few common tips to help with the process:

  • Pro Tip 1: For more volume, use an eye lash curler to curl your lashes before applying mascara.
  • Pro Tip 2: When applying to your lower lashes, get a small piece of tissue paper and hold it under your eye to avoid any messiness. You can also just use a Q-tip for cleanup afterword.
  • Pro Tip 3: Never leave the inner corner of your lashes unapplied. This can make it look like you applied your makeup carelessly.

Now you have finished your look. Look in the mirror and look at your masterpiece! Applying makeup is such a fun thing to do and once you get the hang out it, you can start experimenting more dramatic looks. We all want to be good at applying makeup and looking fabulous, but the key to it all is patience, gentleness, and time. If you have these 3 things, you are on the way to being a pro makeup artist.
A few more tips and pointers have been added to help you start out with purchasing your items!

Everybody’s skin is different and we all react differently to products. Many people like to go with brands that are all organic and natural, which I prefer in my opinion. Drug store makeup is also a big win, whether it be from Walgreens, Walmart, or CVS. You also have your bigger brands of course, like MAC, Chanel, Kat Von D, etc. Since you are barely starting out with, I would highly recommend getting some of your more basic name brand products like Maybelline, NYC, Revlon, and others, that can be purchased at your local drug store and work JUST as good as more expensive brands, sometimes even better. Try out different products and brands to see what suits you and your skin better. Treat your skin like royalty.

With eye shadow, as previously said, you want to invest in quality brushes. When just starting out with makeup, it is okay to use flat end brushes, but using actual brushes will give you a better, smoother, blended look. That is what we always want to aim for. With brushes, it is the same with actual makeup.

You can purchase a nice set at Walmart for $30.00, compared to your expensive brand price, let’s say at MAC, for $100. Beginners should go with less expensive brushes, until they feel comfortable with makeup. There are brushes for pretty much every type of makeup that can be applied and over time, you will learn the ins and outs but we want to keep things simple and basic while you are experimenting your own new looks.