CrossDresser Pantyhose: A Women’s Perspective

Pantyhose for men can be a form of two different things: Covering up the bare leg or to feel confident and sexy.  There are many ways to dress with different types of hosiery, such as pantyhose, thigh highs, and controllers. In my personal experience, I use pantyhose as a form of inner confidence and men wear pantyhose for the same reason. Both men and women feel empowered and sexy and feminine. I like dressing up my dresses that show leg, with my pantyhose or thigh highs. Not only does it make me feel fabulous, but when I look in that mirror, I see fabulous! There is nothing more amazing than being completely inbound with your feminism side, let me you.

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Pantyhose for men are a strong form of feminism and it’s a killer fashion trend if you wear them the right way. Yes! There is a right way, when you are going for a glam look. If you are looking for new ways to feel more poised, this is the time to try something new. There are two basics that you have when you are just beginning to get into Hosiery: Control Top Pantyhose and Thigh Highs (also known as hold-ups; the British saying). I absolutely love thigh highs and dressing them with up with short dresses and skirts. They make for an excellent chic look and no doubt, heads will be turning and women will be asking about your gorgeous outfit!

Hosiery is very delicate due to the sheer, mesh material. When I first started using pantyhose and thigh-highs, I had run through a few pairs before I finally got tired got the hang of the martial. Sometimes m nails would get caught and would cause runs in my hose. Other times, simple scratches or stretching them too much caused tears and runs. You never want to wear pantyhose that have extreme visible runs. This looks tacky and like you don’t care too much. There will be tons of tricks and tips when it comes to such!

Covering up for a cause: Sometimes women like to wear pantyhose or thigh-highs to cover something they don’t like on their legs. This can be anything from spots to spider veins. Sometimes women just do not like to show bare leg, which is completely fine! Pantyhose for men are form of fashion, so don’t feel less sexy for not showing your bare skin.

Feeling sexy and confident: Showing bare skin can be sexy, but what can be even more pleasing is showing less, giving off a mystery. Pantyhose, especially thigh-highs bring me closer to my feminism side. I love the feeling of being glamorous and this does just that for me. I am quite sure every woman would like to feel like this, so try a pair out! Bring out that confidence inside of you and let it show to the world just how fierce you are.

Cross Dresser Pantyhose

Types of Hosiery:

Pantyhose for men are the most common of legwear, but you have different types of mens pantyhose for different purposes:

  • Pantyhose/Control Tops
  • Thigh-highs
  • Control Top Capri
  • Toeless Pantyhose

Control Top Pantyhose:

Control top pantyhose for men were created to give extra support to the butt and especially tummy area. With this extra support, extra under garment is unnecessary. The Control Top Capri won’t be needed when it comes to these type of pantyhose, because it gives off the same type of support. You will also feel much sexier and more comfortable. With Control Top Pantyhose for men, there is no need to worry about that extra support because it is already there! A great pro about Control Top’s is the hiding of panty lines, which every woman loves! In fashion, panties lines are a definite no-no and look terrible with tight clothes. With the control top within the pantyhose for men, this ensures a smooth, sexier look when you are dressing them with something like a tight fitted dress. Who doesn’t love that?!


The British translation for thigh-highs is hold-ups. Thigh highs make you feel glamorous and sophisticated and every woman should slip on a pair of these. The great thing about thigh highs, is that they have an elastic band around the inner layer, which holds them up on your thighs. Hence the term “hold-ups”. With thigh highs, I like to dress them with dresses that are skin tight and a little short so you get the full appreciation for the thigh high look.

Control Top Capri:

Control Top Capri is more like a body suit. This tightens areas of your body to give you a slimmer look. If you are going for a hour glass figure in a tight dress, I recommend trying out a Control Top Capri. Control top pantyhose were the replacement for Control Top Capri’s, but with the capris, you have bare legs showing, versus the sheer pantyhose look. These can be quite uncomfortable, but it is something that one must get used to wearing. In my personal experience, I prefer Control Top Pantyhose for men, but we all have different preferences!

Toeless Pantyhose:

With pantyhose for men, it can be tricky on what type of shoe to wear, especially if they are worn with high heels. With Toeless Pantyhose, there’s a larger variety of type of heel that can be worn, with comfort. With pantyhose, it is almost impossible to wear strappy, open toe heels because your feet will wither and slip. The sheer, mesh material makes it harder to control. Behold the Toeless Pantyhose, where you can now walk with open toed heels and feel comfortable walking! With Toeless Pantyhose, you want to make sure you are making the material as close to your skin tone as possible, especially if you are planning on wearing open toed shoes.

The How To:

This how to is basic for all types pantyhose and the same steps are done for each:

  • Step 1: Make sure your legs are shaved. The mesh material on pantyhose is known for irritating body hair and you want to avoid this irritation that could lead to scratching your legs and putting a run in your hose.
  • Step 2: Put lotion on your legs. This makes it a little easier to put them on.
  • Step 3: Start from your toe. And whatever you do, do not stretch the pantyhose. This will create a run in them and possibly small holes.
  • Step 4: Once you have them over your feet, slowly slide them on to your legs, avoiding heavy stretching of the hose, gently pull them up and over the legs. If you are putting on pantyhose, the control top should be about mid stomach. If you are wearing thigh highs, they should be just below the buttocks.
  • Step 5: Move your legs around slowly and gently to make sure that the sheer is blending and fix any blotched areas.

Putting on pantyhose and thigh highs can be tough and should be dealt with very gently. The mesh material is known to stretch out easily and it is annoyingly easy to get runs in your hose. It is most important that you never stretch out your hose too much. Any little stretch could lead to a tear or run, which completely ruins the entire set. Yeah, I know. How annoying! Here are some tips for avoiding runs and holes in your pantyhose/thigh-highs


Useful Tips:

  1. Always have your legs shaved and smooth before putting a pair of pantyhose or thigh highs on. The mesh material can cause extreme irritation overall and the hairs can make that irritation come on 10x worse. This leads to stretches and feeling comfortable. We want to feel glamorous and comfortable!
  2. Wear your correct size. Let’s be honest. Some women resort to just feeling uncomfortable because they refuse to believe they are the size they are. Sometimes, the size difference is due to height, not specifically weight. Not getting your size could also lead to tears and runs in the hose and again, we don’t want that to happen because that means a new purchase needs to be made.
  3. Go for sheer nudes that match closest to your skin tone. You don’t want to look like you have completely different colored legs from the rest of your body.
  4. Coordinate shoe color with hose color. If you are wearing sheer black hose, try going for a dark colored shoe or full black shoe and vice versa with the nude sheer. This gives a more complex look and in all honestly, looks way chicer.

Cleaning Tips:

The best way to clean your pantyhose/ thigh-highs is hand washing them. This avoids any wear and tear that may be caused in the actual washer. When hand washing your hose, you want to ensure that you clean them thoroughly. You want to make sure you wash them delicately to avoid runs and stretching them out.

Tip 1: Use detergent and your bare hands only. This will ensure that you don’t ruin the hose.

Tip 2: When you wash them with your hands, scrunch them out in a ball in your hands every so often to get any dirt or excess dust off them.

Tip 3: And the most important tip always, DO NOT STRETCH THEM.

Tip 4: Lay them out to dry inside.

Caring for pantyhose for men is important and you always want to make sure they are properly cleaned. Mind you, they only last for so long. Sometimes hose will get random runs in them just because the mesh is so delicate. Which is why it’s always important to remember the number one rule, no stretching. It can’t be stressed enough.

Where Did Hosiery Come From? :

Hosiery was first introduced in 1959, as an alternative to stocking, which slowly declined in production after the discovery of pantyhose. The first initial thought was for covering up your legs. Soon after the generations past, they became a huge fashion trend in the lingerie industry. They became known as sexy and chic. Mostly worn under mini skirts and dresses, though that still hasn’t changed, thigh-highs became the trend as well. The difference between pantyhose and thigh-highs is quite simple: Pantyhose for men are more of a sophisticated look and thigh-highs are more for that sexy, glamorous look. Though pantyhose has started to decline, they are still a big part of the fashion industry and old fashions continue to spiral back into the new trends of the century.