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Womens Dresses For Men

Paula Ann’s Thoughts regarding this article… ” As a crossdresser, I personally love to wear womens dresses for men. I know dresses for men by definition are feminine but some are more feminine then others. I am very envious of women because they can wear one in  public. It just feels so incredible to wear silky lingerie and pantyhose underneath a feminine dress topped off with matching 3″ heels. At last count I had 12 dresses for men and my wife only had 2 so its not difficult to  figure out who really loves to wear a dress! “

Picture for a moment in your mind’s eye a woman who embodies femininity. Who is she? What does she look like? What is she wearing? Perhaps she is your mother, your sister, or a dear friend. Maybe her hair is a short, cute pixie cut, or maybe it’s long and flowy...

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