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Bras For Men

As a crossdresser I wear bras for men that was not made for a man so the bras I buy and wear are girly and feminine, with cute patterns, colors, bows, lace, etc. There is a trend starting where mens bras origninally created for, and marketed to women are being repackaged and sold to men as mens bra. I myself will never buy a mans bra because of the simple fact that they are made for a man, and therefore wearing one would not be crossdressing. Although I applaud this attempt to legitimize and normalize the wearing of mens bras, it does take away from the thrill of wearing womens clothing.Paula Ann

Marilyn Naked Luxe Silky Tights 40 Denier (Grey, M)

In today’s world of seemingly never-ending options for under garments and the like, how exactly does a wearer decide what is perfect for the...

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