About Me

Hi… I am Paula Ann   🙂

About me…. I have been crossdressing since I was about 10 years old, but I did stop for about 20 years. I started dressing again 15 years ago and have worn womens clothing  daily for the last 5 years. Basicly if I am at home, I am wearing a dress. All crossdressers have their enfemme name and I am no different… my femme name is Paula Ann.

I created this site to help out those crossdressers in the process of filling their feme closet. I have found that womens clothing on average costs more than a mans does, even though less material is generally used. I think its very unfair to women to charge them more and I have much respect for the amount of energy and money women must invest to look pretty.

I have been buying womens clothing for a long time and I have found the best places to shop to get the most from my crossdressing dollar. I get asked alot if the clothes I wear are my wifes…. the answer is no, she is 4 sizes smaller than me.. and besides, in the past she has gotten really mad when I stretched out her panties and pantyhose 🙂

Another question I get asked all the time is “does your wife know you dress?” The answer is yes, she has known since we meet 10 years ago. I didnt tell my previous wife about dressing. She found out about it 5 years after we married.. and she was not amused. It ended our marriage. The next time a round I told myself I have to tell a potential wife in the very beginning so that she has not invested years of her time and can end the relationship right away if that what she wants to do. Well my current wife has been very supportive from day 1, and has never used my dressing as a weapon or made any hurtful remarks when mad. The only thing she has asked me to do is to keep it private which is the least I could do for her
considering how supportive she has been.

The biggest misconception about crossdressers is that they must be gay. The fact is the majority of crossdressers are NOT gay. We all crossdress for different reasons. Since I cant speak for everyone who crossdresses as to why they do, I can tell you personally that later on in life I got tired of always having to be the strong one, i was never allowed to have feelings… but i did and i still do. Crossdressing makes me feel that it ok not to be the tough guy all the time.

In fact in the past my wifes have often been told that i look like a bad ass bar brawler. Each time they would laugh. I can be tough when need be and as you can see from this picture of my wife and I, she is looking up to me.

Alot of women are not aware of this, but if asked “do you know any crossdressers” their answer is a lot of times no… but that is most likely not the case. It has been estimated that around 20% of men actively crossdress in private, and 50%  are turned on by the thought of it but just can’t or wont be honest with themselves, or they have a partner they think will never be ok with it. Also just because a man has the desire to wear womens clothes (in private), that he must be the submissive type with the woman being dominant. It is true that those types do exist, but the majority are just the opposite.