High Heels for Men

Paula Ann’s Thoughts regarding this article… Nothing is more sexy than high heels for men…  red strappy heels… you just cant help feel sexy even as a man while wearing them… they have an almost magical feel to the person wearing them, even a man. Add a pair of black semi sheer pantyhose and your looking great. The one problem is that women have smaller feet then a man so finding ones that will fit is hard if you have even an average foot size for a man. When buying womens heels for men, add 4 to the size so in my case since I wear a mans size 10, a womens size 14 is a good fit but that size is very large for a women and thus harder to find and more expensive.

High Heels For Men

Shoes & Dresses starting at $5

We have discussed dresses, makeup and bras...

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Bras For Men

As a crossdresser I wear bras for men that was not made for a man so the bras I buy and wear are girly and feminine, with cute patterns, colors, bows, lace, etc. There is a trend starting where mens bras origninally created for, and marketed to women are being repackaged and sold to men as mens bra. I myself will never buy a mans bra because of the simple fact that they are made for a man, and therefore wearing one would not be crossdressing. Although I applaud this attempt to legitimize and normalize the wearing of mens bras, it does take away from the thrill of wearing womens clothing.Paula Ann

Marilyn Naked Luxe Silky Tights 40 Denier (Grey, M)

In today’s world of seemingly never-ending options for under garments and the like, how exactly does a wearer decide what is perfect for the...

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Womens Dresses For Men

Paula Ann’s Thoughts regarding this article… ” As a crossdresser, I personally love to wear womens dresses for men. I know dresses for men by definition are feminine but some are more feminine then others. I am very envious of women because they can wear one in  public. It just feels so incredible to wear silky lingerie and pantyhose underneath a feminine dress topped off with matching 3″ heels. At last count I had 12 dresses for men and my wife only had 2 so its not difficult to  figure out who really loves to wear a dress! “

Picture for a moment in your mind’s eye a woman who embodies femininity. Who is she? What does she look like? What is she wearing? Perhaps she is your mother, your sister, or a dear friend. Maybe her hair is a short, cute pixie cut, or maybe it’s long and flowy...

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Lingerie for Men

man wearing womens lingerie for menPaula Ann’s Thoughts about lingerie for men and crossdresser lingerie… “I absolutely love my lingerie for men like the one to the left. I currently own 5 nightgowns with 3 of them being nylon, 2 being cotton, and all are pink. It doesn’t get much more feminine than a pink nightie with lace trim and a bow!

Since the beginning of fashion, women have sought out clothing to wear at night that, depending on each woman’s tastes and her mood, are comfortable, soft, and complimentary of her feminine sensuality, and that concept is not lost on women’s lingerie for men. The most popular choice for crossdresser lingerie is all three of these combined is nightgowns opposed to any other nightwear, as these gowns can range from short, sexy and sassy to long, beautiful and elegant...

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CrossDresser Pantyhose: A Women’s Perspective

Pantyhose for men can be a form of two different things: Covering up the bare leg or to feel confident and sexy.  There are many ways to dress with different types of hosiery, such as pantyhose, thigh highs, and controllers. In my personal experience, I use pantyhose as a form of inner confidence and men wear pantyhose for the same reason. Both men and women feel empowered and sexy and feminine. I like dressing up my dresses that show leg, with my pantyhose or thigh highs. Not only does it make me feel fabulous, but when I look in that mirror, I see fabulous! There is nothing more amazing than being completely inbound with your feminism side, let me you.

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Pantyhose for men are a strong form of feminism and it’s a killer fashion trend if you wear them the right way...

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How To Apply Eyeliner & Eye Shadow for Beginners

Behold the Power of Eye Make-up:

Eye makeup can be extremely tricky and figuring out what style you want to wear can be a tough decision, much like choosing what type of coffee you want in the morning whether it is a dark roast expresso type of day or a sweet caramel latte type of day. With eye makeup, there’s a lot of decision that goes into the look you are aiming for. Look in and the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I want that fierce black cat wing or that exotic blue line of confidence going across my eyes? And of course, we cannot forget about the eye shadow. Do we want that fabulous glittery cut crease or a more natural based look for the day? Decisions, decisions…

For beginners, one would recommend starting out with lighter skin tone colored eye shadow palettes, closely matching your ...

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Pantyhose for the CrossDresser on a Budget

After years of trial and error, I finally found the brand of pantyhose that lasts more than one night! And they are sold discreetly on Amazon at a great price.

Pantyhose are the one item of women’s clothing that truely feels feminine to the wearer, be the man or women. Oddly enough but pantyhose are also the the second item of clothing that women just cant wait to take off after their bras. It has been an expensive frustrating road in my quest to finding the right pair of pantyhose that first off was made with the larger person in mind, but also was durable so I could wear them more than once and didnt cost an arm and a leg.

I just absolutely love to wear pantyhose and IMHO is the one article of womens clothing that makes me feel more like a women than any other, but if (on average) I am ...

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Womens Panties for Men

 Mens Panties | Womens Panties for Menmens panties & womens pantiers for men

Mens Panties… One of the most important things to women to kick that confidence in! Whether you are going out or just dressing up for fun, it is very important to us as to what type of panties we wear. Womens panties for men are a form of confidence, just like any other woman products/clothing we have or choose to wear! There are tons of different types of panties, but since we are barely starting to figure out what we like and dislike, we want to stick to the basics.

I love to wear Vanity Fair panties, they feel so elegant and classy. They are not as sexy as g-strings or thongs, but I feel so feminine wearing them...

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